Zentation premium

Advanced features for business.

Zentation provides the most affordable way to create online presentations utilizing video and PowerPoint. Typically a fraction of the cost of most other options, Zentation provides the easiest to use, most cost-effective online presentation system on the web.

Business Applications for Zentation:

  • Product Demonstrations
  • Corporate Business Updates
  • Conferences
  • Media Communications
  • Education and Training

Premium presentations retain all the functionality of our free presentations plus:

  • Private presentation hosting (excluded from search results)
  • Video lengths of up to 90 minutes
    (YouTube has a 10 minute maximum)
  • Customizable player colors and backgrounds
  • Viewership reporting

Sign up today for a free account to start using Zentation. Premium presentations are $75 one-time plus $85 per month and include a 7-day free trial for each presentation. For discounts on multiple presentations, please contact us at sales@zentation.com.